Command-line Arguments

Daemon Mode

Canton can start as in server/daemon mode. Running, bin/canton daemon –config … will start Canton as a server. All configured entities will be automatically started.

Any failures encountered during start up will immediately shutdown the canton process with a non-zero exit code.

Selecting a Configuration

To start Canton with a specific configuration, run

bin/canton daemon --config conf_filename

which will start Canton as a server using the configuration file conf_filename.

Sample configuration files can be found in our release packages, under the examples directory.

Running Scripts

We offer two approaches for executing Canton scripts.

  • Interactive Console - bin/canton –config … (no command specified) - all errors will be reported to the console, but Canton will remain running.
  • Headless - bin/canton run <script-path> –config … - commands are specified in a script rather than executed interactively. - any errors with the script or during command execution should cause the Canton process to exit with a non-zero exit code.