Community releases can be downloaded via Github or check how to run Canton using Docker.

Enterprise releases are available on request ( and can be downloaded from the respective repository.

In order to get access to the enterprise repositories, please setup an account with auth0 and inform our sales representative about the auth0 account name you want to have associated with your Enterprise license. You will then be able to use your auth0 account to authenticate to JFrog and access the respective repositories.


Community support is provided on the Daml Discuss Forum. If you find issues, please report them on our Github project: Github and feel free to send us an e-mail including a health.dump() report.

Enterprise support is available from Digital Asset for the paid version. Please contact for more information.

Gathering Information

We need sufficient information in order to provide support. If you encounter an error where you need our help, please ensure the following:

  • Start Canton with the -v option to enable debug logging.

  • Write down the steps to reproduce the error and reproduce it.

  • After you observe the error, type health.dump() into the Canton console.

This will create a dump file (zip) that stores the following information:

  • The configuration you are using, with all sensitive data stripped from it (no passwords).

  • An extract of the logfile. We don’t log overly sensitive data into log files.

  • A current snapshot on Canton metrics.

  • A stacktrace for each running thread.

Providing such information is very important to us in order to help you troubleshoot your issues.